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When your pet needs surgery, whether it's routine or in an emergency situation, your heart aches for them. All you want is for them to not feel any discomfort and get back to their old selves as quick as "humanly" possible. At Rolling Hills Veterinary Clinic, we understand. In our 16 years in practice, we've performed many successful surgeries on all kinds of animals.

We'll treat your faithful companion with the same care and compassion you would, with the end goal of helping your pet feel good again.

Life extension, with human intervention

Rolling Hills Veterinary Clinic can help all pets add years to their lives and life to those years in many ways. We use the latest technologies, including digital x-rays and dissolving sutures, to give both of you more time together.

Veterinary surgery

  • Spay and neuter
  • Orthopedic surgeries
  • Emergency delivery
  • Pain management

Your final act of love

When a cherished companion reaches the end of life, it's painful enough. The logistics of bringing them to our clinic may magnify that pain for all concerned. We offer home euthanasia service, so you can say good-bye your way.

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