Keep them around for as long as you can

We love our dogs and cats so much. The one thing we would give them if we had the power would be a longer life span. Although life expectancy is largely determined by breed and genetics, you can still put the odds in your pet's favor, with the help of Rolling Hills Veterinary Clinic. Like people, regular preventive care can work wonders at increasing the quantity and quality of life for your pets.

Rolling Hills Veterinary Clinic can help with all your pet's preventive health care needs from kitten or puppyhood to old age and everywhere in between.

The right care at the right time

The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends certain preventive health care measures at different stages of life. We'll help you set up a schedule for pet check-ups and vaccinations, and send you reminders when it's time!

Preventive care for pets

  • Rabies, Bordetella and parvo vaccines
  • Flea and tick care
  • Heartworm prevention
  • Joint health supplements

We've never met a critter we didn't like

Some veterinarians only offer services to domestic animals. Rolling Hills Veterinary Clinic isn't one of them. We help care for farm animals such as horses, cows, and chickens. We also help rabbits, ferrets, hamsters and gerbils.

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